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CC+ Enchanted
Linda Ravenscroft

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‘Enchanted’  The Faerie and Fantasy Art of Linda Ravenscroft.

Card Creations Plus+ is proud to bring you an outstanding collection of Inspirational Fantasy Art from the world renowned artist ‘Linda Ravenscroft ‘.

Linda Ravenscroft is a self- taught artist who’s beautifully detailed fairy and fantasy images can be seen all over the world from fine art prints to exclusive giftware and faerie art books.

This wonderful collection of original fairy images brings that special charming feeling to your hand made cards. This unique collection of designs contain a full set of Zodiac Faeries that you can re produce in full glorious colour, plus a further set of highly detailed designs from the wonderful and inspired collection by Linda Ravenscroft.

We have included many styles of card making on this CD that will enhance and delight anyone who receives them including Decoupage, Invertage, Twisted Invertage, Cameo & Toppers and bookmarks plus the ability to change the colours on many cards to make them even more unique. Then view them in full 3D with our unique 3D previewer prior to printing.

If you also wish to make quick cards then the images will print out in high resolution in full colour along with backing sheets, inserts sheets, tags and ribbons where you can add your own personal greeting.

These images have been saved as Jpeg files and can be imported into any graphics programme.

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